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Breif History of Nabajibon Charitable Dispensary

Established on 30th November 1983 in one room offered free of cost with one Doctor daily. As there was no medical facility, even no private doctor in the locality and vast area encircling, this small initiative by several enthusiastic young men created thumping impact in the region. Many patients from all economic sections achieved its service. Naturally, the arrangement was not sufficient. Those young men realised the necessity for greater arrangement. They together already purchased a plot of land for cultural club of their own. The fund was raised as contribution by themselves, though Lion’s share of the required amount was donated by Sri Sankar Kumar Dey, a generous young man of the same group.

                                                      The dispensary shifted to newly purchased kachha house room with tiles shed. The young group held/organised some cultural activities in the banner of Nabajiban Cultural Association. Then they changed their mind and entirely devoted the property to give better shape of CHARITABLE DISPENSARY. Many Doctors joined. The Constitution was passed in a General Meeting and it was re-named as NABAJIBAN CHARITABLE DISPENSARY in the year 1991. In due course, two block of buildings with 8(eight ) Doctors’ chambers were built, lots of medical equipments purchased for smooth treatment by raising public donations/collection through souvenir/embedding memento name stone on the wall etc. Etc. The land was registered in the name of the Organisation. All regular expenses are met from subscriptions by members and special donations from generous people of the locality and outside.

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